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In Praise of the Muumuu (Even Better Than Sweatpants)

October 20, 2014 • Beauty, Food, Sisters, the Philippines, U.S.A.

We had not even been married a week when I went to the farmers’ market dressed in a batik muumuu that I got for eight bucks in the Philippines. As blue as sapphire and as light as fog, it does as much for the figure as a flare gun on the moon. I wear it… Read More ›

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Why I Didn’t Walk Down the Aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D

(8) Our recessional was "(Hey ya!) I Love You."

I don’t want to cry. That’s what I told my fiance J. when I asked him if he were amenable to walking down the aisle to Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.” It had some historical significance for us: the first time he karaoke’d was my 32nd birthday. In a claustrophobic space at a rent-a-room karaoke… Read More ›

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Why I Write

(10) 1907432_850433352625_5398314605362451247_n

Kosher Adobo’s first anniversary was a few days ago: 112 posts  Freshly Pressed twice (“Dreaming in Filipino,” “50 Shades of Mortification“) 5086 followers 34,291 hits Though I obviously stole this title from George Orwell, I’m borrowing heavily from Joan Didion, who also credits Orwell and whose “On Keeping a Notebook” I discovered in a college nonfiction… Read More ›

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I’m One Syphilis Test Away From My Green Card

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On the last day of classes in June, my lawyer D. called to tell me that my number was up in July. He said it as if I had been waiting for salami and Swiss at a deli counter. Call me when you’re back from the Philippines and we’ll file then.  Aw, I said to… Read More ›

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“Are You Attracted to Asian Men?”

(8) When I go to the Philippines every summer, I bring back a stack of magazines with me, like this copy of YES!'s 100 Most Beautiful Stars. It's amazing how powerful seeing a magazine with Asian faces can be for me. When I need the inspiration, I pull them out and flip through the pictures.

I’m gonna ask you a question, S. said. Don’t be offended. I’m wondering– Shoot, I said. Are you attracted to Asian men? What? I asked, though my hearing was A-ok. You’re avoiding my question, she repeated. Are you attracted to them? I hate that question. I get it more often now that I am with… Read More ›

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